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Eiffel Tower

Car parks near Eiffel Tower

Ahhh, the Eiffel Tower… Also known as the “Iron Lady”, naturally it’s the first stop if you’re visiting Paris.

But you’re not the only one with that idea. If you’re coming by car and hoping to find a parking spot next to the Eiffel Tower, you might feel dizzy—and you haven’t even climbed to the top of the tower yet!

Want to feel as free as Owen Wilson wandering the streets of the city of love in Midnight in Paris? First you have to figure out where to leave your car… With ParkingsdeParis, you can park near the Eiffel Tower, and for cheap! All you need to do is book your parking space online and, when the day comes, go directly to the Paris car park you have chosen.

While other tourists are still looking for parking spaces around the Champ-de-Mars, you will already have had time to climb up to the third floor of the Eiffel Tower, take some pictures, and go back down again. You could even do it a second time, since nothing stops you! ;)

If you want to do more in the city of love, take advantage of the other must-see monuments in Paris or restaurants in Paris with breathtaking views.

Eiffel Tower

The symbol of Paris

Inaugurated for the World’s Fair in 1889, the Eiffel Tower has welcomed more than 300 million visitors since its construction. It was only meant to be temporary, but thankfully the designers decided to leave the beautiful monument for Paris (and the rest of the world) to enjoy!

Averaging 7 million visitors a year, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited monuments in Paris. A quick calculation tells us that means about 20,000 people come to visit it each day.

That explains why the monument has become the most emblematic symbol of Paris, and why it’s inconceivable to go to the French capital without visiting the Eiffel Tower. But who would do such a thing anyway? ;)

Parking near a hotel by the Eiffel Tower

Are you going to Paris and have found an apartment to rent or a hotel room near the Eiffel Tower?

Book your secure parking space in Paris with ParkingsdeParis to enjoy your stay without having to worry about your car!

Events at the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is not only THE monument to visit in Paris, it’s also where many can’t-miss events take place.

We could go on and on about the fireworks on Bastille Day (July 14), but it would be a shame not to mention the Eiffel Tower Vertical race, a race against the clock and to the top of the tower held every March, or Paris Eiffel Jumping, an elite horse jumping competition held in early July.

But if those events don’t call your name, you’ll inevitably find one in the Champ de Mars garden that will, even if it’s something as simple as having a drink while watching the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Going to the Eiffel Tower

Getting to the Eiffel Tower by car

One advantage of going to the Eiffel Tower by car is that the closer you get, the better your radio reception will be!

But you can’t count on the radio to help you find a parking spot! If you want a truly unforgettable experience, book a parking spot near the Eiffel Tower now!

All you need to do is follow the Seine river towards the Eiffel Tower until you arrive at Quai Branly. Then you just have to park in the car park on Quai Branly that you’ve already booked with ParkingsdeParis!

That’s the easiest way. You could also book a parking space in a park and ride car park further out from the city center and approach the Eiffel Tower by public transportation if you want to save a little more money. Up to you!

Getting to the Eiffel Tower by public transit

To reach the Eiffel Tower by public transportation, you’re spoiled with choices! You can take the metro, the train (RER), the bus, the public bike share program Vélib’, or even a boat!

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by metro: Take line 6 to Bir-Hakeim station, line 8 to École Militaire station, or line 9 to Trocadero station.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by train (RER): The RER C train will take you to the Eiffel Tower, leaving you in Bir-Hakeim station.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by bus: 6 bus lines will take you to the Eiffel Tower. Take lines 30, 42, 72, or 82 to the Eiffel Tower stop, or lines 69 or 86 to the Champ de Mars stop.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by bike (Vélib’): There are 4 Vélib’ docking stations nearby, including one at 2 Octave Gréard Avenue, one at 2 Quai Branly, another at 43 Rapp Avenue, and one more at 36 Suffren Avenue.

  • Getting to the Eiffel Tower by boat: The Batobus will take you on a short cruise along the Seine river to the Eiffel Tower.

In short, we think you’ve understood everything, so find parking near the Eiffel Tower with ParkingsdeParis and book your spot now!

Points of interest near Eiffel Tower in Paris

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