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Accepting trucks with a height of between 2.10m and 3.60m, a length of less than 7m and a total laden weight of less than 10 tons
For trucks of more than 7 meters, book in the category Camper-vans.

These car parks are affiliated with the Parking City Pass network.

By clicking on the car park symbol a window will appear showing the name of the car park and the maximum height and length for vehicles accepted in this car park in the chosen category.

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Parking Network

7, rue Barbette

Garage d'Abbeville - Gare du Nord
5, rue d'Abbeville
Grand Garage Saint-Laurent - Gare de l'Est
52 Ter, rue des Vinaigriers entry for utility vehicles and trucks and 54, boulevard Magenta entry for cars

Garage du Faubourg - Gare de Lyon
33, rue de Reuilly

10, rue Wurtz

Porte d'Orléans
1, rue de la Légion Étrangère

Grand Garage de Clignancourt
120, rue de Clignancourt

Air Parking Degriff - Aéroport Roissy CDG
13, rue Léon Foucault - Mitry-Mory

Flypark Roissy-CDG - Couvert
5 rue de la Briqueterie
Parking Pascher - Aéroport Roissy CDG
Parking Pascher - Rue de la Sucrerie - 95380 - Villeron
Flypark Roissy-CDG - Extérieur
5 rue de la Briqueterie

Book a parking place for your truck in advance at reduced rates, in Paris or close to Roissy-CDG airport.

Do you need to park a truck between 2.20 metres and 3.60 metres in height, less than 7 metres in length and a gross weight of less than 10 tons safely in Paris? Or would you like to find a car park close to Roissy-CDG airport?

Very few car parks house heavy goods vehicles of this size in Paris and parking on the roadside is both difficult and unsafe. Thanks to ParkingsdeParis.com, you can easily book your place in a public car park able to house your truck for a few hours or for a few days and benefit from our reduced rates.

Car parks able to house a truck over 2.20m and up to 3.60m are:

The FlyPark Roissy-CDG car park

This car park is outdoors. It takes trucks up to 3.60m high and 7m long. It is easy to access from the North (A1) and the East (A4) motorways and from the N2. It is located beside the runways at Roissy, in the Mitry-Compans industrial park.

Wurtz car park

It takes in trucks up to 3.50m high and 7m long. Outdoor car park. One of the cheapest in Paris. Near the ‘Boulevard périphérique’ and the South (A6) Motorway. Open 24/24.

The Garage d'Abbeville

This garage takes trucks up to 3.40m high and 7m long. It is in a good location, close to the Gare du Nord station. Few places. It is advisable to book well in advance. Open 24/24.

Porte d’Orléans car park

It takes trucks up to 2.80m high and 7m long. It is located right beside the ‘Boulevard Périphérique’ and the A6 Motorway (‘Autoroute du Sud’). Open 24/24.

The Grand Garage Saint-Laurent

This garage takes trucks up to 2.70m high and 6.90m long. It is located near the Gare de l'Est station. Open 24/24.

The Grand Garage de Clignancourt

This garage takes trucks up to 2.60m high and 6m long. It is easily accessed from the North (A1) Motorway. Open 24/24.

Barbette Marais Car Park

This car park takes trucks up to 2.50m high and 6m long. Central district within easy reach of everything. Closed on Sundays.

The Garage Rédélé Place de Clichy

This garage takes trucks up to 2.40m high and 6.60m long. Cordial welcome. Open 24/24.

The Garage du Faubourg

It takes trucks up to 2.40m high and 6m long. It is an inexpensive car park, but it is not open 24/24.