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Théâtre Saint-Georges

A renowned theater in Paris, the Théâtre Saint-Georges has been the hostto many famous French comedians and directors since its grand opening in 1929 (Marie Bell, Jacqueline Maillan, Marcel Achard, Pierre Brasseur, Pierre Mondy, Sophie Desmarets, Caroline Cellier, André Dussollier, Maria Pacôme…). Also famous for being Truffaut’s shooting location on "Le dernier métro", the Théâtre Saint-Georges still hosts numerous plays and shows.

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You can also use the Chauchat-Drouot car park. The Chauchat-Drouot car park is a cheap car park located a 10-minute walk away from the Théâtre Saint-Georges. Book your parking space now on our website and benefit from reduced parking rates !