Cheap car parks for the Paris La Défense Arena

The Paris La Défense Arena was inaugurated the 19th October 2017, it is a new concert hall in Nanterre, and the largest one in Europe (40 000 places): they only see the bigger picture.

If you already had difficulty parking at Accord Hotels Arena (20 300 places) or near Zénith Paris (6238 places)? Fasten your seat belt, the worst is to come… Only the Stade de France overtakes the U Arena capacity, and by a long way! (with a total capacity of 90 000 places, they not here to mess about)

Might as well say that it is recommended to reserve your car park before going to your concert, or for your match – The Paris La Défense Arena has become the official stadium of the Racing 92, a rugby club at XV.

In concrete terms, how do you park before going to the Paris La Défense Arena? Well, ParkingsdeParis proposes car parks from which you can easily walk to the stadium! Or else, another option to consider is to reserve your parking space near the metro station (Line 1), or the train station (RER) and then, take public transport until you reach your destination.

Paris La Défense Arena

How to access the Paris La Défense Arena via public transport?

Paris La Défense Arena, the massive stadium/ concert hall of Nanterre is located between Nanterre-Préfecture Station and (approx. 7-minute walk) and the La Défense Station, at the level of the famous Arche de la Défense (approx. 10-minute walk).

Both are served by the RER A. However, La Défense Station is also served by the railway service, the Transilien (Lines L and U), the tram T2 as well as the metro line 1. This is perfect for arriving to your concert or match on time!

You can take either the RER or the metro, the car park choices that you are given are roughly the same:

  • If you come via the RER, you can park near the Chatou station, the Place Charles de Gaulle, the Île de la Cité or even on the side of Vincennes and arrive directly at Nanterre-Préfecture Station or even La Défense Station with line A!

However, this is the quickest option:

  • If you’re coming by metro, park your car near Porte Maillot, the Hôtel de Ville, the Gare de Lyon, etc. Then take line 1 until La Défense (terminus). The advantage of the metro compared to the RER, is that there are ore stops so you can have more chances of finding a car park near a station or metro which interests you.

Now, it’s your turn to choose your car park: with ParkingsdeParis, you will easily find what you are looking for: We offer more than 100 car parks inside and around the capital ;)