Book your parking space to have a lunch or dinner in the house of Nicolas Flamel, the oldest house in Paris !

Book your parking space in advance on our website in a car park near the Maison-Auberge de Nicolas Flamel

Located at 51, rue de Montmorency, this house is said to be the oldest in Paris. It once belonged to Nicolas Flamel, a 15th century writer famous for having discovered the Philosopher’s stone which has the power of producing an eternal life elixir. It is now a restaurant : l’Auberge Nicolas Flamel (the Nicolas Flamel Inn.)

Come spend a day or an evening in historical Paris, admire the front of the Maison de Nicolas Flamel classified as a historical monument and eat at the Auberge Nicolas Flamel. To do so, we advise you to book your parking space in advance to avoid parking difficulties in such a busy district.

The Beaubourg Centre Pompidou car park is located 5 minutes on foot from the Maison de Nicolas Flamel. This car park proposes reduced priced parking passes specially for lunch and dinner at the Auberge Nicolas Flamel and sold exclusively on the ParkingsdeParis.com website.