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Louvre Museum

Car parks near Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is the must-see museum in Paris for any self-respecting art lover or traveler.

To get to the Louvre, you’ll need to take some sort of vehicle, whether your own car or public transportation.

Whether you’re one of those people who fears being called uncultured, you’ve been dying to visit the Louvre for ages, or you only care about seeing the Mona Lisa, your objective remains the same: Find where to park near the Louvre Museum.

Even if there's not much possibility of running into Parisians inside the museum, out on the streets it’s a different story. And trying to find your place amongst all of the locals can be tricky… But there’s an easy solution: Book your parking space next to the Louvre with Parclick!

When you get to Paris and see all those other cars on the road, you won’t have to worry. Why? Because you already have everything under control: You’ve booked a secure parking space in Paris and know where to park in advance! That’s no small feat since parking in Paris isn’t exactly a piece of cake... Speaking of cake, now you can go enjoy some Parisian sweets stress-free!

Trust ParkingsdeParis to find parking near the Louvre Museum and park as soon as you arrive! Because the only place you should be waiting in line is at the entrance to the museum, not the car park.

Louvre Museum

The can’t-miss museum of Paris

Visited each year by 10 million visitors, the Louvre is considered the largest museum in the world with 35,000 works of ancient, feudal, and modern art spread out over 73,000 square meters.

Yes, there’s a lot to see. Not to mention the building itself has stood the test of time, having been constructed in the 12th century. From royal residence to internationally acclaimed museum, it’s come a long way. But that’s not all, the Musée Eugène-Delacroix (6th district) and the Gypsothèque of Versailles are also connected to the Louvre.

Well, maybe you’re not that interested in the history… You just need a car park by the Louvre. You’re right, let’s get to the point! Because parking in Paris’s 1st district isn’t easy… Far from it!

In this extremely touristy area (the Louvre is located here after all), parking spaces are rare, and street parking is complicated in Paris (2 hours maximum and 4€ per hour).

At ParkingsdeParis, we suggest you book a parking space next to the Louvre when you want and arrive knowing your spot is guaranteed—and at a lower cost! Convenience, savings, simplicity. Isn’t that what the people want?

What to see near the Louvre Museum

In addition to the famous museum, you can also visit the Carrousel Garden and Tuileries Garden next door. What’s more, if you cross the Tuileries Garden you will arrive at Place de la Concorde, the second-largest square in all of France, and pass a lovely art gallery, l’Orangerie, on your way. Famous for housing Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, you’ll want to be sure to stop there too!

And if your thirst for culture still isn’t quenched, you can continue to the Royal Palace, the Ile de la Cité, or the Saint-Germain-les-Prés district on the other side of the Seine. Since you know your car is in a safe place, why not keep exploring?

If you come to Paris for more tourism and plan on staying a while, ParkingsdeParis has also selected the best hotels in Paris to help you park near your hotel during your stay in the capital.

Going to the Louvre Museum 

Going to the Louvre Museum by car

To get to the Louvre by car, don’t forget you’ll need a Crit’Air sticker to enter the ZCR environmental zone of Paris. Created to restrict traffic and pollution in the city center, this zone aims to improve air quality in the city and comes with fines if you do not comply with the regulations.

After taking care of that, find a secure parking space with ParkingsdeParis and book your car park of choice.

Going to the Louvre Museum by metro

If you prefer to go to the Louvre by metro, you can leave your car in one of the car parks outside the center of Paris and take one of the following metro lines:

  • Line 1 – Get off at Palais-Royal / Musée du Louvre station
  • Line 7 – Get off at Palais-Royal / Musée du Louvre station
  • Line 14 – Get off at Pyramides station

Going to the Louvre Museum by bus

Subway not for you? Then take one of these lines to go to the Louvre by bus: 21, 24, 27, 39, 48, 68, 69, 72, 81, 95.

But if you really want to have a true Parisian experience, take a boat on the Seine! Ride the Batobus down to the Louvre stop at the Francois-Mitterrand dock.

Going to the Louvre Museum by Velib’ (bicycle)

And finally, if you want to get a little exercise in on your way to the Louvre, you can ride one of Paris’s public bicycles and park it at these Velib’ docking stations near the museum:

  • Station #1013: 186 rue Saint-Honoré
  • Station #1014: 5 rue de l'Echelle
  • Station #1015: 2 place A. Malraux
  • Station #1023: 165 rue Saint-Honoré

To enjoy your trip to Paris to the fullest, don’t leave anything to chance: Book your parking space close to the Louvre Museum today!

Points of interest near Louvre Museum in Paris

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