Reserve your parking space at the Pompidou Centre in Paris

The Centre Pompidou

Discover the modern treasures of the museum and make your own opinion about its strange, fascinating architecture


The main idea why former French president Georges Pompidou commissioned the construction of the museum is very honourable. He believed that all citizens, whether rich or poor, should have access to free contemporary art and culture.

But, the Centre Pompidou wasn't always welcomed with open arms. On its opening day in January 1977, it was hugely controversial. Its extravagant, industrial-like architecture being the main reasons for many heated discussions.

The museum itself is surrounded by many coloured pipes, all of which have a different function, green provides the building with water, and blue with fresh air. 

The unique façade has given the Centre Pompidou many different names like ‘Notre Dame of the Pipes’ or ‘Oil refinery’. Despite the initial criticism, Paris’ population seemed to support the new museum. 

Today,  the Centre Pompidou is just a part of Paris as the Arc de Triomph. It attracts countless visitors everyday, and it’s not to be missed, even if you're not an art lover. Plus, if you don't know where to park in the French capital, then you have come to the right place. 

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This museum has the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe - with 70,000 pieces, so there’s bound to be something there that’ll take your breath away! Here you can find masterpieces of all sorts - from Picasso to Kandinsky to Jeff Koons. 

At this museum, there’s always so much going on! Visual arts, design, architecture, photography, dance, to just name a few. So, take a look at the museum’s programme to ensure that you wont miss out on an exhibition or show which would be perfect for you! 

As for refreshments, we recommend going up to the Georges Restaurant on the fourth floor (it’s on the roof of the museum!) To keep the budget down, we recommend picking up a couple of snacks from the entrance area or bringing a packed-lunch!

Plus, did you know that the Centre Pompidou is celebrating its 40th birthday this year? Well, what better opportunity is there to go and soak yourself in culture and art! 

More information about the Center Pompidou can be found here.