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The Guide " Parkings in Paris"


Our guide to parking in Paris is designed to meet several needs:

• to help all passing and bikers visiting Paris to make the most out of their journey by selecting the car park nearest to their destination in advance;

• to encourage French and foreign tourists to leave their vehicles in car parks on arrival; to provide them with practical information on traffic and parking and to help them find a parking space close to their accommodation

• to build up local information that will be useful for everyone;

• to provide drivers and bikers living in Paris as well as businesses in the capital with practical and detailed information enabling them to find long-term parking near of work or home;

• to enable car park owners, whether private or operating companies, to make themselves known and to promote their product by giving them a free listing;


This Guide is made up of four chapters:

•Advice and practical information all informations about parking options available - types of car park, details of the average prices, advice on choice of carpark, etc.

• Plans of the Paris districts: help you to conduct geographical searches, locate the car park nearest to your destination and identify the best way of getting there. The page number of the practical information available corresponds to each “P”.

• Practical information: everything you could you to know about each carpark. Prices, access maps, heights, services (service station, washing, security and guards, partnerships with other companies).

• Index : Allowing you to search according to a range of criteria and by district. Check at a glance which carparks take vehicles over 2.50 m high, which ones have lifts for the disabled, take motorbikes, have service stations or repair workshops, etc.


The parking guide is:

• Complete:
containing 288 pages, 215 of which are detailed practical fact sheets on car parks, 40 pages of local maps, 22 pages of explanations and practical information in 3 languages
• Easy to read
in full colour
• Robust:
square glued and sewn back, protective film over the cover
• Practical:
"glove compartment" format (width: 120 mm - height: 210 mm)
• Excellent value for money :
retail price 15 Euros incl. Tax


Some twenty pages of explanations in 3 languages at the beginning of the guide to help you find your way arround the car parks in Paris: the parking options, types of car park, average prices, etc.
Plus find our advice on selecting a carpark or carpark/s fulfilling your requirements in terms of security, facilities, prices, etc.


The local maps will help you:

• find the district in Paris
• find the local carparks quickly
• find your way to tourist attractions and the nearest carparks
• find the easiest route
• find the page corresponding to the car park fact sheet







Each carpark its own practical fact sheet, containing all the information youn need: address, opening hours, access plan, characteristics (height, number of spaces, etc.), security, prices and how to pay, services (car wash, repairs, service station, etc.) and facilities (disabled, etc.).

We have visited all the carparks listed in this Guide. In “Our Opinion”, we give you an evaluation of how you will have received prices, cleanliness, and of the car park.Allowing you choose the carpark that meet your needs!

All this information is in the French. At the beginning of the Guide, we have translated a sample form to enable you to quickly see what each item of information corresponds to.



As you have seen, the guide enables you to select a car park according to geographical criteria.
There’s also a second way of searching - using a range of other criteria.
An index at the end lists the 215 carparks in the guide, showing for each one the services offered, the district, and the page number.