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The Beaubourg Pompidou Centre was founded thanks to the wish of President Georges Pompidou to create an original cultural institution in the heart of Paris, devoted to modern and contemporary visual culture in all forms, with the goal right from the outset of providing the largest possible number of people with access to modern artistic creativity. Housed in a building featuring a striking twentieth century architectural design by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the Pompidou Centre opened to the public in 1977. It boasts Europe's largest collection of modern and contemporary art, including the visual arts, design, architecture, photography and the new media. Including more than 70,000 works, the collections are displayed in the museum via regularly updated exhibitions. Each year it offers the public around 20 monographic or themed exhibitions in addition to a diverse programme of shows, music, dance, theatre, performances and films, exploring the interaction between these disciplines and the visual arts. The Beaubourg Pompidou Centre also invites its visitors to attend a series of conferences, meetings and debates. For further information :

Are you planning to visit the Beaubourg Pompidou Centre, its museum or its temporary exhibitions ? Or perhaps you will be dining at the Georges, a restaurant offering an unbeatable view across Paris from the sixth floor of the Pompidou Centre ? If so, you can book your parking space in advance with no reservation costs via and take advantage of the competitively priced Parking City Passes proposed by 4 car parks located near the Pompidou Centre. Open 24 hours a day, the Beaubourg Centre Pompidou car park, is situated under the Pompidou Centre. This is the official Beaubourg car park. It offers competitively priced “Saver” parking passes of various lengths. Three other car parks propose Saver passes: the Temple Alizés car park, the Hôtel de Ville car park and the Baudoyer car park. These car parks are located less than 10 minutes on foot from the Pompidou Centre.

 You can book your parking space at the Pompidou Centre Paris Beaubourg car park directly via our website:

Beaubourg Centre Pompidou

The entrance to the Centre Pompidou car park is located in rue Beaubourg, on your right just after the pedestrian street Rambuteau and just before the Centre Pompidou. You can’t miss it: there’s an enormous panel at the end of Beaubourg showing you the entry ramp leading to the car park.

4h Parking Bargain : 11 €
6h Parking Bargain : 16 €
8h Parking Bargain : 21 €
10h Parking Bargain : 24 €
Night Parking Bargain : 12 €

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Temple Alizés

The entrance for cars is situated at 132 rue du Temple, a one-way street. To access the car park, you must take the rue du Temple before the intersection with the rue des Gravilliers and the rue Pastourelle.

3h : 9 €
8h : 10 €
24 h : 20 €
Weekend : 48 €

If your vehicle is more than 190 cm,
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reservation dans le parking

Hôtel de Ville

This car park is located at 3, rue de la Tâcherie, next to the place du Châtelet, between the avenue Victoria and the quai de Gesvres. It's easily accessible from the quai de Gesvres.

4h Parking Bargain : 12 €
6h Parking Bargain : 16,6 €
Evening Parking Bargain : 10 €
Night Parking Bargain : 13 €
Weekend Parking Bargain : 49 €

If your vehicle is more than 180 cm,
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This car park is located at 4, place Baudoyer. You can access it by the rue de Rivoli, stay on the left side of the road.

6h Parking Bargain : 18 €

If your vehicle is more than 190 cm,
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reservation dans le parking

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